How to Be Useful to the Lord

how-to-be-useful-to-the-lordCongratulations to everyone that completed our Winter Break Reading Challenge to read Witness Lee’s book, How to Be Useful to the Lord, in five weeks! In addition to the spiritual benefit received, all the students that completed the challenge earned a $25 discount on registration for the Spring Retreat.

The Lord wants to use all those whom He has redeemed for the fulfillment of His purpose. However, this requires us to be willing to open our being to Him and allow Him to work within us.

Here is a sampling of what we enjoyed from the reading:

Chapter 1
“I enjoyed that when we have a heart that wants to be used by the Lord, that is His work in us. It’s the Lord’s grace that we can have such a heart for Him and we should realize that this is not a small matter. Another part that stood out to me was about ‘paying the price.’ In the reading it says the reason the Lord is not back yet is because the price we are willing to pay is too small. The Lord wants us to give up EVERYTHING and follow Him. When we do that, that is when we will be able to receive a revelation from Him.” (Phoebe T.)

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Overflow from Our Fall Retreat

Within God’s people—whether among the Israelites of the Old Testament or among today’s believers—there is an aspiration to be revived. Six centuries before Christ, the prophet Habakkuk wrote, “O Jehovah, revive Your work / In the midst of the years” (Hab. 3:2). The apostle Paul indicates that not only God’s people but even all creation is looking forward to the fulfillment of God’s eternal purpose (Eph. 3:9), writing in Romans 8:19 that “the anxious watching of the creation eagerly awaits the revelation of the sons of God.”

At our Fall Retreat at Harvey Cedars, we were encouraged to seek this kind of revival—something that affects not only our personal spiritual life but also meets God’s need for men to cooperate with Him for His purpose and brings the Lord Jesus back!

Here is some of our enjoyment and appreciation:

I really appreciated the big picture view presented in the retreat regarding the need for a new revival. We talked about it from both a personal and communal point of view. As believers in Christ, we are all members of His body, and the three central points of the retreat gave a strong focus on how we can become more one with the Triune God. I pray that we can become overcomers in this constantly changing world and that we can really strive to reach the highest peak of the divine revelation, become a God-man, and satisfy the need for shepherding and being shepherded. (Brian, Villanova University)

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Our interns reflect

_fji1779Last week, 8 students from several different campuses participated in the Philly Christian Students Summer Internship. This was a week-long opportunity for students to spend time together in fellowship, prayer, and also practical service for the club. In the mornings, we had fellowship about topics regarding our personal relationship with the Lord, as well as our service together. In the afternoons, we visited the UPenn and Temple campuses to spread the word about Philly Christian Students. We also got to know some of the local Christian families who support our group by visiting their homes and enjoying dinner together in the evenings.

Here’s what some of our interns had to say:

The recent internship with Philly Christian Students was both enjoyable and practical. Before beginning work each day, we would sing and pray to contact the Lord. Then, throughout the day, we would practice maintaining our fellowship with Him. We learned that it is crucial to be filled with the Lord and to let Him work on us first before we can be useful to Him.

– Matt M., West Chester University

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The Calling of Abraham – PCS Reading Challenge, Week 2

book We’ve been reading through The God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob by Watchman Nee for our summer Reading Challenge. Last week we finished up Chapter 2 for Week 2 of the challenge.Check out what we’ve been enjoying below:


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Fall Retreat 2013 – Part 2

HC beachEarlier this week some students shared their impressions of the Fall Retreat (topic: “the Lord’s Recovery”.) We promised to post more, so here they are – more riches from the retreat!

“I was so touched when I learned that God is faithful, ALL the time, to lead us to the enjoyment of Christ. For a few years, I felt very out of touch with God, because I was living in Asia and I couldn’t get past the language barrier to truly love God and fellowship with the local saints, but the Lord brought me companions who felt the same way. My faith was restored and a part of myself that I didn’t know was empty became filled to the brim! Praise the Lord that He is faithful to bring us back to Him in love!”
Vivian S., Haverford College

“I enjoyed a ministry excerpt we read during the retreat: ‘Christ has to be formed in us. This means that we have to let Christ occupy every part of our being. Christ should occupy our mind, our thinking, our consideration…For Christ to occupy us in this way means that He is making His Home in us. In Ephesians Paul prayed that Christ might make His home in our hearts. Then in Gal 4:19 he expressed his desire for Christ to be formed in us. To have Christ formed in us is to have Christ grown in us in full.’ ”
Toby C., Temple University

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Fall Retreat 2013 – Part 1

A couple of weeks ago, we joined about 200 other college students in the Northeast for our annual Fall Retreat in Harvey Cedars, NJ. The topic was “The Lord’s Recovery” and we enjoyed the Lord’s speaking to each one of us about what it means for Him to “recover” us.

Below, you can read about what some of us enjoyed at the Fall Retreat! We’ll be posting more later this week.

“The Lord is recovering us to our normal condition as the ‘”Lord Jesus, I love you” people’. It is God’s original intention that we would love Him. Thus, it is normal to be romantic with the Lord and say ‘Lord Jesus, I love you!'”.
Karen H., Villanova University

“During the college retreat at Harvey Cedars, I enjoyed that all believers can be in the Lord’s recovery. The Lord’s recovery is not a name or an organization. The word ‘recovery’ actually means ‘ a restoration or return to a normal condition after a damage or loss has been incurred.’ If we are enjoying Christ, then we are in a normal condition, and we are in the Lord’s recovery.”
Matt M., West Chester University

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Fall Retreat 2013

This year’s topic was “the Lord’s Recovery” – read more about it on our blog!