Philly Christian Students is comprised of believers in Christ from Penn, Temple, Drexel, Villanova, and other Philadelphia-area campuses. We have been a registered student organization at Penn since the mid-1990s (Christian Students @ Penn) and at Temple since 2009 (Christian Students @ Temple).


Spring Retreat: February 16 – 18

If you’ve been with us for our activities this school year, then you’re invited to join Christian students from the Mid-Atlantic region for praise, fellowship, and the ministry of the Word at our Spring Retreat! See the Registration page for more information.

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A Place Where It’s Normal to Be a Christian.

Philly Christian Students is a place where it's normal to be a Christian where it's normal to love the Lord Jesus and to read the Bible. Every believer should have such a place; in fact, every believer NEEDS such a place. Here’s why.

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