Fall Retreat 2013 – Part 1

A couple of weeks ago, we joined about 200 other college students in the Northeast for our annual Fall Retreat in Harvey Cedars, NJ. The topic was “The Lord’s Recovery” and we enjoyed the Lord’s speaking to each one of us about what it means for Him to “recover” us.

Below, you can read about what some of us enjoyed at the Fall Retreat! We’ll be posting more later this week.

“The Lord is recovering us to our normal condition as the ‘”Lord Jesus, I love you” people’. It is God’s original intention that we would love Him. Thus, it is normal to be romantic with the Lord and say ‘Lord Jesus, I love you!'”.
Karen H., Villanova University

“During the college retreat at Harvey Cedars, I enjoyed that all believers can be in the Lord’s recovery. The Lord’s recovery is not a name or an organization. The word ‘recovery’ actually means ‘ a restoration or return to a normal condition after a damage or loss has been incurred.’ If we are enjoying Christ, then we are in a normal condition, and we are in the Lord’s recovery.”
Matt M., West Chester University

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Fall Retreat 2013

This year’s topic was “the Lord’s Recovery” – read more about it on our blog!

Choosing God

Just wanted to share a song that I enjoyed at our Friday night home gathering:

“Dearest Lord, I come;
This is now my prayer,
Keep me open to You,
May I always love You.

Lord, I love You more today,
So much more than yesterday;
Lord, I need You, Lord, I love You.
Now that the choice is mine,
Lord, I still choose You;
Though the paths be not marked,
I’m still trusting in You.”

There’s more to the song but I really appreciated what a brother at the gathering shared about verse number 2.

“Now that the choice is mine,
Lord, I still choose You.”
As college students we now have so much freedom and we can make a lot of our own choices. But this verse touched me because I have a choice to make: is God going to be the God of my parents or is God going to be my God? We are free to do anything we want, we are free to make our own choices, and for me, my choice is to choose God. During my college years as I am getting an education, my choice is not for myself but for God.

Source: hymnal.net


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