Testimony: Ben W, UPenn Alum

BenIn my time at Penn, I appreciated the care of the full-time counselors with Christian Students at Penn.  Throughout my four years, I would have a weekly appointment with one of the counselors, meeting up at Houston Hall, at the 34th St. food court, or wherever else we found convenient that week.  In this small and open setting, I found a relaxed atmosphere where I could open up about my relationship with God, my academic highs/lows, and my burden for my friends.  Many times, we would just pray to the Lord, and ask him for His supply of grace.  More importantly, however, I came to see that there was more to the Christian life than God meeting my needs.  I began to realize that God too has a need on this earth, a desire revealed to Old Testament prophets and New Testament believers in the Bible.  That God desires a home in which He can dwell; that God desires to make His home in our hearts through faith; that God desires to have the church—composed of His believers—to express Him.  In my appointments with my counselor, I deepened my relationship with God, and I saw a particular burden that has changed the way I live.