Testimony: Helen T., Temple University

HelenWhen I met Philly Christian Students, I was studying at Temple University as an exchange student. During my short stay in the US, meeting and getting to know with this group of people ended up being the best experience I could ever hope for.

As a foreigner, I was worried about making friends in the US, so I prayed about it  before going. To my surprise, everything went really well, because through Philly Christian Students I had the chance to know lots of local college students, not only from Temple but also from UPenn, Drexel, Villanova, Bryn Mawr, and other schools. They treated me like a true friend, even a family member! I felt totally free to joke around, talk, and fellowship with them – and even after leaving the U.S., I still feel that way.

The Bible study group we had in Temple was an unprecedented experience for me. I remember we were reading the Book of Galatians in the New Testament. Through everyone’s sharing and discussion together at Bible studies, the Word of God (which at first seemed hard to understand and sermonic) became clear, approachable and encouraging. I was so happy to find that the Bible really made sense. My way of reading the Bible has changed since the 3 months I spent with the Book of Galatians and this group of Christians.