Testimony: Matt M., West Chester University

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADuring class one evening, a fellow student asked me, “Do you go out on the weekends? I never see you anywhere else.” My response was simply, “Yes”, but in my head I was thinking, “oh, DO I.” Although their “out” may mean a number of different places, my “out” is to the best place. A place where believers gather together, call on the Lord, and enjoy Him.

Whether it is in a home or on campus, you can be certain that this group of students is enjoying throughout the week: a much higher, real, and lasting joy then what we commonly think of. We enjoy Christ Himself, not just things about Him, but His very person. Growing up, I attended a certain denomination and although there may have been some enjoyment, it was not nearly as rich. Nutrition-wise, it was like eating iceberg lettuce when kale was there the whole time! Spending time with other believers makes college a much better experience. It changes your view concerning not only college, but life. Here we can say, “Never did I dream before, Such a place could e’er be found. (Hymn 1238)”