Our interns reflect

_fji1779Last week, 8 students from several different campuses participated in the Philly Christian Students Summer Internship. This was a week-long opportunity for students to spend time together in fellowship, prayer, and also practical service for the club. In the mornings, we had fellowship about topics regarding our personal relationship with the Lord, as well as our service together. In the afternoons, we visited the UPenn and Temple campuses to spread the word about Philly Christian Students. We also got to know some of the local Christian families who support our group by visiting their homes and enjoying dinner together in the evenings.

Here’s what some of our interns had to say:

The recent internship with Philly Christian Students was both enjoyable and practical. Before beginning work each day, we would sing and pray to contact the Lord. Then, throughout the day, we would practice maintaining our fellowship with Him. We learned that it is crucial to be filled with the Lord and to let Him work on us first before we can be useful to Him.

– Matt M., West Chester University

This week was very precious to me. What I appreciated the most was being able to apply concepts in the Bible to my life and experience God in a real and personal way. I got to know students from other campuses, and enjoyed praying and singing together. The environment was casual and intimate. We supported and encouraged each other as we promoted our club to freshmen at Temple and Penn. In the evenings, we were invited into the homes of families living near the area for a hearty dinner. Even though I didn’t know most of them, we were brothers and sisters in the Lord. An eye-opening experience!

– Robin Z., Temple University

I was really touched that our relationship with the Lord really starts with the condition of our heart. Our heart is the gateway to forming a proper relationship with Him. Therefore, we first need to come forward to Him and have a dealing with our heart. It is very important that our heart be pure for the Lord and undefiled of other things. We cannot have a heart that is mixed with other things, such as education and ambitions. We should avoid having these other such things take over our hearts and seek absolutely nothing but the Lord. However, not only do we need a pure heart, but we also need a single heart. A single heart means to be simple in heart. We should have a heart that is not complex and tampered by our situations and surroundings.

In college, there are so many activities, commitments, and obligations, but when we participate in such things, we should always ask ourselves, “Is my heart still pure and single for You?” If there is something that keeps our heart impure or not single, then we need to deal with the heart by coming forward to the Lord. Unless we have a pure and single heart for the Lord, there will be no way for us to have a proper relationship with the Lord. Having such a heart will open the gateway so the Lord can fill our whole being.

– Connie C., University of Pennsylvania


This internship was awesome! I spent the week with seven other Christian students who wanted to practice and learn how to serve the Lord. Because our group was relatively small and we spent almost every hour of the day together, we got to know one another – by the end of the week, the other interns and the Philly Christian Students staff felt like my family. I appreciated that instead of just jumping straight into our service each day, we always began with prayer and fellowship. Actually, we prayed, sang songs and had fellowship periodically throughout the day, which was really enjoyable. My favorite part of the internship was dinner time – every night, we visited a different family who lived nearby and had dinner with them. Each of the families were so happy to have us in their home, and told us to come over any time for dinner, fellowship, or just to hang out.

I really enjoyed this week, and hopefully I have the chance to do this internship again next year!

– Joyce L., Villanova University